Rusty Nail

Here's what you'll need...
  • a couple of nails
  • cups
  • test liquids

The process of this experiment is simple. Place some nails in different types of liquids like water, soda, different types of soda, or really any liquid that you can find around your house! As usual, make sure you check with an adult before you use these liquids. Then let it sit for a couple of days!

The inspiration for this experiment was the idea that cola could dissolve a nail. I decided to test this idea and turns out, in this experiment, the exact opposite happened. The water was the most corrosive liquid that I used. Remember I just used water, Sprite, and Pepsi cola.

My results of this experiment definatly shocked me. I assumed that the soda would be the most corrosive liquid. However I believe that the nails were coated with something to help prevent rust. Rust is the reaction of iron and oxygen to create iron oxide. It is nature’s way of breaking down metals. If the metal is coated with something that prevents the oxygen from reaching the iron then the nail shouldn’t rust.

You can try this at home but change it up! If you were doing a science fair project you could test different liquids like I did, but you can also test different types of nails. You could ask the question, “Which brand of nail is least likely to rust?” You could also test different brands of cola. You could compare Pepsi to Coke see if there is a difference. Try these ideas out and let us know how they turn out!